Laguna Woods United Mutual: Meet the prospects vying for a seat on the board – OCRegister

7October 2020

Seven prospects are on the ballot to fill four seats on the United Mutual board of directors, with all terms ending in 2023. They are:

Prakash “Money” Achrekar, Manuel Armendariz, Azar Asgari, Reza Bastani, Margaret “Maggie” Blackwell, Alan Dickinson and Lenny Ross.

Tallies will be mailed to United members on Friday, Oct. 2, and should be returned by 11 a.m. Monday, Nov. 2. Tallies will be counted at an unique United Mutual inventory meeting at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 3. The brand-new directors will be seated at the United Mutual Annual Meeting (virtual) at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 10.

Prakash”Money”Achrekar PRAKASH”MONEY”ACHREKAR Years in Laguna Woods Town: 4 years & 3 months Education: MS(Mich State ), MBA(West Coast U), MSTM(Pepperdine), CMfgE Occupation/Business Experience: Retired aerospace Engineer with 40 plus years in Material Science and Manufacturing. Acknowledged as a top commercial Issue resolution Specialist, Exceptional Material Scientist responsible for supplying certified battery for the First MX Missile and for solving Area Shuttle Turbo Pump manufacturing Issues.

Laguna Woods Town Affiliations/Activities: Presently a Director on United Laguna Woods Mutual Board, Ex-President of India Club, and member of the Inventors Club. Presently dealing with Utilizing Senior citizen Knowledgebase for National GDP at Orange County Levels.

Play Golf, Ping-Pong, Pickle Ball, Health club, and swimming.

Personal Statement: Main achievement “Handyman Program” for the whole village, being on United Board just 3.5 years. My goals in development: (1) Find more certified lenders for COOPs. (2) Establish Real estate agent Training for informed brand-new residents. (3) Keep HOA charges low (4) Catch Understanding from senior citizens for the enhancement of the village.

What one enhancement or modification do you believe would improve life in the Town for its residents? Establish a system to make proactive quick reaction Homeowner Provider Team to deal with and resolve all local’s problems.

Handbook J. Armendariz MANUEL J. ARMENDARIZ Years in Laguna Woods Town: 5 Years Education: Bachelor’s Degree Degree in Business Administration from U.C.L.A.-Major in Accounting Occupation/Business Experience: Retired California C.P.A. with over 14 years in Public Accounting with the International Accounting Company, Coopers and Lybrand. I was used a collaboration with the company which I did decline and chose to make a profession modification. I then took the position of Director of Financing for the Irvine Company in Orange County and subsequently at the exact same time became Treasurer of the Irvine Ranch Water District. So over a 48 year period in addition to those positions, I also was the Chief Financial and Accounting Officer for Arnel Development-George Argyros, Diversified Shopping Centers, Fredricks Development-subsidiary of So.Cal.Gas Co., Cameo Homes and Lucas Advancement, Dana West Marina-Owned by County of Orange and other business.

Laguna Woods Town Affiliations/Activities: United Laguna Woods Mutual Director for the last 3 years, Chairman of the Landscape Committee and member of the Financing Committee. Also acted as a member of Select Audit Task Force.

Current member of pickleball, table tennis, baby boomers, and badminton clubs.

Personal Statement: My inspiration to serve on the Board is the desire to affect Board decisions that assist to improve life for all residents in our Town. A big challenge to our Town is using its funds sensibly in preserving our homes and feature facilities that I can assist to accomplish.

What one enhancement or modification do you believe would improve life in the Town for its residents? The age of our Town has made controlling assessments harder but I believe Directors should be more proactive, which I would be, to achieve this.

< img class= "lazyautosizes lazyload"src =""width="

410″data-sizes=”vehicle”data-src =” “data-srcset=” 620w, 310w”/ > Azar Asgari AZAR ASGARI Years in Laguna Woods Town: I have been a local of Laguna Woods considering that 2015 Education: Master of Science in applied mathematics (MS) (2016 ); Master of company administration( MBA)(1996); Bachelor’s Degree in Pure Mathematics (1986 ); Licensed Business Consultant(CBC) (2003); Licensed Fitness Clubs Manager(CFC) (2003 )

; Licensed trainer in Yoga, Pilates, and Adult Aerobics(2004)Occupation/Business Experience: Mathematics teacher and Trainer in numerous schools and colleges in various states for 30+ years (1986- Present) (30+ years’ experience of teaching and managing classes; working as a staff member in various departments of colleges) Business teacher and Trainer at Minnesota School of Business for 4 years (2009-2013); Owner and Operator of Fitness Club (Itfigures of Sant Louis Park) for 5 years (2003-2008) (The number of members went up 35% in the first year.) Sales Strategies Advisor at an import/export multi-country company for 3 years (1996-1999) (by altering only 2 strategies lessened 15% of overall expenditures) Approximately date with innovation; online trainer 2017-present

Laguna Woods Town Affiliations/Activities: Mentor classes at PC workshops (How to use and its advantages of “YouTube”); Member of folk dancing club, social dancing, horseback riding and yoga classes; Volunteer math teacher to students in requirement at Lake Forest; Volunteer shopper and assistant for residents in requirement at Laguna Woods during this Covid-19

Personal Statement: Laguna Woods is a dream land for some individuals after 30+ years’ work: budget-friendly unit cost with stunning nature. However, the ever going up HOA fee becoming a barrier for some set retirement earnings. My experienced in-depth mind is looking for cutting unnecessary expenditures as an alternative earnings for village management.

What one enhancement or modification do you believe would improve life in the Town for its residents? Parking area is a big issue. Many systems have 2 cars and trucks and a golf cart on top. Immediate attention to this subject is required.

Reza Bastani REZA BASTANI Years in Laguna Woods Town: 10 Education: BS Electrical Eng. Mater Industrial Administration(Thesis was to develop an organizational structure to achieve the given goal.)Occupation/Business Experience: I have worked thirty-seven years in oil, gas, energy & & solar markets. Experience consists of Engineering & & Management in Style, Construction, recognition, Startup, handover and Upkeep.

Laguna Woods Town Affiliations/Activities: Table tennis, Health club, Art clubs

Personal Statement: I believe with my background I can improve technical services. The multimillion-dollar jobs are being mishandled, they benefited professionals & & specialists rather of residents. Services are also mismanaged. This has increased VMS expenditures, thus assessments. Modifying VMS agreement & & supplying incentive to run efficiently can treat this issue.

What one enhancement or modification do you believe would improve life in the Town for its residents? Improving Homeowner & & Change services. Present treatments & & approaches are insufficient & & have caused difficulty to residents. Modifying VMS agreement (contract) will treat this issue.

Maggie Blackwell MAGGIE BLACKWELL Years in Laguna Woods Town: 16 Education: USC:

BA English, 2 teaching qualifications; CSUDH: M Ed; UWLA Law School: JD with honors Occupation/Business Experience: LA Unified: secondary teacher; Hermosa Beach: Secondary teacher, Union Agreement Negotiator

Bad Guy Defense Attorney: 4 years private, ten years LA Alternate Public Protector

Laguna Woods Town Affiliations/Activities: Women’s 18 hole golf club board 9 years, president two times, United Mutual Board Secretary 3 years, chair of 3 committees, United Month-to-month Breeze editor, 20 This Day appearances, Women’s 9 hole golf club

Personal Statement: As in my teaching, negotiating, and legal careers, I served United Board energetically, never ever losing one minute. I studied problems, documents, laws. I analyzed, spoke honestly, explained, and persuaded for United and residents. I communicated as often as I could, as plainly as I could.

What one enhancement or modification do you believe would improve life in the Town for its residents? Eleven alert, ethical, informed Directors who study every issue, vote the very best interests of United and all members. Consensus. Affordability. United: Our home. Our financial investment.

Alan Dale Dickinson ALAN DALE DICKINSON Years in Laguna Woods Town: 3 Education: 1. B/A Accounting, Economics,'Financing,’Management, and Real Estate. 2. A/A Accounting and Economics. State of California: 3. Lifetime Trainer Mentor Credential. 4. Once held Securities Stock Broker License. 5. Once held Life Insurance and Annuity License. 6. Security Officer License. Plus, please see my full Resume for more.

Occupation/Business Experience: Senior Vice President World Corporate Financing Group, Bank of America (20 years); Elder Security Officer, Toyota Motor Company (15 years); Plus, more. Please see my full Resume.

Laguna Woods Town Affiliations/Activities: Golden Rain Structure ‘Financial’ Advisor. United Mutual ‘Financial’ Advisor. Publishing Club. Dance Clubs. Local Church. Contributions to the Town Library. Schedule finalizings. Gardening. Picking up garbage.

Personal Statement: My better half and I absolutely enjoy living in beautiful Laguna Woods Town, and we want to give back something to the wonderful Locals who live here.

What one enhancement or modification do you believe would improve life in the Town for its residents? Significant openness of the big and extreme amount of expenses by ‘Golden Rain Structure of Laguna Woods’ along with their home management company, ‘Town Management Provider, Inc.’

Lenny Ross LENNY ROSS Years in Laguna Woods Town: 6 years Education: MBA– Masters in Business Administration (Financing and Marketing) Arizona State University; BSBA– Bachelor’s Degree Business Administration (Financing and Marketing) University of Southern California

Occupation/Business Experience: 35+ Year Profession– Starting and Establishing brand-new original devices automobile device programs that needed successful program management that lead to sale (installation) of device that continued for a number of years to different OE automobile clients consisting of Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi and Nissan.

Laguna Woods Town Affiliations/Activities: Former board member of United and was honored to act as President and Treasurer.

Personal Statement: If chosen, I will: A. Minimize annual boosts to already too expensive association charges. B. Reduce charges and boost reserves based upon savings derived from the loss of workers and services during this pandemic. C. Push for schedule of vaccines to treat this pandemic for Laguna Woods residents/owners, the most susceptible.

What one enhancement or modification do you believe would improve life in the Town for its residents? To safely return Laguna Woods to normalcy, I will lobby crucial health officials and politicians to increase schedule of early, clinically authorized vaccinations.


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